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May 18, 2018 at 9:04 AM

Employees Honored at Retirement and Recognition Reception

A public reception was held on Wednesday, May 16, to honor the Meade School District employees who are retiring, those who have worked 15, 20, 30, and 35 years, and those who have been selected as teacher and professional technical support staff of the year.


Honorees include the following, all of whom will be retiring at the end of the current school year: Cathie Anderson, Juanita Delbridge, Connie Feekes, Darrell Hatzenbuhler, Barb Grosch, Arlene Ketelsen, Sheila Limbo, Abby McCaskey, Mary McLellan, Janet McNary, Michael Paris, Donna Sigman, Karen Speed, Barton Torbert, Donna Trigg, and David VanHeel.

Recognized for 35 years of service is Guyla Ness.  Staff members with 30 years of service include Ann Nonnast, Rex Schrock, and Donna Sigman.  Twenty-year honorees include Julie Carpenter, June Guy, Vicki Huck, Cheri Isaacson, Cary Johnston, Chrissy Peterson, John Septka, Sue Smalley, and Roxona Thompson.  Those recognized for 15 years of service are Debbie Cano, Pat Cass, Tere Froelich, Chad Hedderman, Kerry Howie, Peggy Mattke, Sage robinson-Miller, LeeAnn Skeie, Colleen Sletten, Jill Tesnow, Bart Torbert, and Pam Vinson.


The other honorees include Julie Treloar, Teacher of the Year, and Wanona Manderfeld, Professional Technical Support Staff of the Year.  Also honored were the building/department level nominees for Teacher of the year: Jessica Bernhagen, Kristi Butler, Cyle Miller, and Beth Severson.  The building/department level nominees for Professional Technical Support Staff of the Year:  Jessica Bruce, Eric Gill, Nicole Jones, Cal Christensen, and Kim Smith.