“To Build Knowledge and Skills for Success Today and Tomorrow”

May 21, 2018 at 3:29 PM

Five Running for Meade School Board

Five people are running for the three Meade School Board seats up for election June 5. Vying for the three three-year terms are incumbent Charlie Wheeler, Piedmont, and four new names to the Meade School Board candidate pool, Jamie Helms, Sturgis, Cody Weber, Sturgis, Tracy Konst, Sturgis, and Karl Kroger, Piedmont. For information about polling locations and absentee voting, call the Meade School District business office at 347-2523. 


Charlie.jpgCharlie Wheeler has served on the school board for three years and is running for re-election because he would like to see the projects he has been part of starting finish.  He stated in regards to his response, “I have usually rolled my eyes, but now I understand. We have a new school coming on line, plans started for a new school in Union Center, a new activities director, new middle school principal, and a new superintendent…The board has put a great deal of time and effort into making sure we have the right people and the right facilities in place to move our district forward.  I would like to help keep that process going.”  His biggest concern in Meade School District is safety, while his largest area of concern for improvement is helping students reach their full potential.  He says “I would like to see if there are ways that we can help students that need a little more incentive to do better. Students have potential, but just don’t seem to assert themselves.”   Mr. Wheeler also has been on the insurance committee, negotiations, faculty appreciation banquet and the food service committee.  One improvement that he is helping with is to improve the food service program.  “I believe we will be able to improve food choices which will increase students participating in the school lunch program,” he stated.   Charlie is also a member of Sturgis Economic Development Corporation in Sturgis, on the board for BHSSC and Western Dakota Action, and is currently serving as the Board President for the Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce. 


Jamie.jpgJamie Helms is a new candidate to the Meade School District school board election.  She is married to Tim Helms, who is a computer technician for the district, and has three children, one of which attends Sturgis Elementary.  Jamie is running for the school board because she wants to be involved.  She says, “Children are the future and we need to make sure that they are provided with the best tools to make that future a successful one.”  Jamie’s areas of concern for the district to improve on were the snack program at the schools along with the bus system supervision.  When asked about the good things the district is doing she stated, “Honestly, I love how technologically advanced our district is.”  Jamie is currently a member of Sturgis United Methodist Church. 


Cody.jpgCody Weber is running as a new candidate for the school board for a few reasons.  He wants to take a more active role to serve our communities, take an active role in preparing our students, staff, and communities for today as well as tomorrow, and he wants to set an example for children that he is involved with.  Cody says, “To me it is not what they need to improve on, but just continuing to stay on top of the ever changing dynamics of the world around us – be it increased costs of programs, new teaching trends while keeping our kids as the main focus.” He says that more student involvement would be the change he would like to see in Meade School District.  Cody is most proud that the district is “Working to keep all of the diverse schools together under different settings and still meeting the needs of areas that are growing.”  Cody is currently on the Sturgis Zoning and Planning Committee and works at Hersruds as Sales/Sales Manager. 


Tracy.jpgTracy Konst is a local entrepreneur running for the first time as a Meade School District school board candidate.  He is running for school board because, “He would like to play an active role in setting goals for our school district, help our school system achieve those goals and to be an advocate for the parents and students in our school district.”  He says people should vote for him for five reasons:  He wants the board to have a clear vision for the district, value the team approach and collaborate well with each other, accessible board member, focus on a fiscally sound district, and focus on what is best for all students.  Konst is very impressed with the planning, budgeting, and near-completion of the new Middle School in the Summerset/Piedmont communities.  One of Tracy’s concerns for the district is that, “We have some schools within the district performing better than others when it comes to student performances and outcomes.”  Tracy has served on the Sturgis Youth Wrestling Board of Directors, coached youth basketball, been a member of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and has been an active member of the board of directors for Sturgis Dragway as well as an EMT.


Karl.jpgKarl Kroger is a first time Meade School District school board candidate running because he has a passion for advocacy, for working with people and on their behalf for better results.  Karl is the pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Piedmont and is invested in our communities and our schools.  Some of the areas that Karl says the district is doing well in are adapting to our changing world through technology, programs, and creative teaching methods, investing in current and future generations through new buildings, partnering with organizations, parents, businesses, and community leaders to enhance the quality of education, and by providing wonderful athletic and other extracurricular activities.  Karl states some areas of concern are, “art and music, safety, compensation, and shared prided.”  Karl says he is most proud of Meade School District through, “Phenomenal leaders and teachers, committed families and communities, and extremely gifted and talented students.”   Karl has partnered with Piedmont Valley Elementary to support students and staff.  He is directly involved with the youth in church programs, and has been involved with Vision Piedmont. Kroger has been part of community worship events through Piedmont Valley Ministerial Association.