Perfect attendance bike winners


Meade School District students with perfect attendance for the entire 2011-12 school year were recognized during end-of-the-year assemblies at which time they had an opportunity to receive a new bike and safety helmet courtesy of the Masonic Lodge Olive Branch #47 of Sturgis. Representatives of the Masonic Lodge were present at each school’s assembly and drew names for the bikes. This is the eighth year that the Masons have recognized students with perfect attendance. 

Kindergartner William Hale, left, and second-grader
Ysabela Gallosa were the bike winners at Sturgis
Elementary School. Sturgis Mason Dan Johnston
made the presentation.

Third-grader Samantha Kukla, left, and kindergartner Allison Ogden were the
bike winners at Piedmont Valley Elementary. Also pictured is Dan Johnston of
the Sturgis Masonic Lodge.

The bike winner from Sturgis Williams Middle School is seventh-grader Kyler
Smith. Making the presentation were Masons Dan Johnston, left, and Randy Brennick.


Opal kindergartner Colin Lajeunesse, center, was the bike winner for the rural
schools of Meade School District. Also pictured are Masons Dan Johnston, left,
and Gene Kinney, right.