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July 13, 2021 at 1:29 PM

Election of Officers and Oath of Office for Board of Education Members

Election of Officers and Oath of Office for 2021-22 Board of Education Members was held during the July 12th Meade School District Board meeting.


Current board members Joseph Urbaniak, John Nachtigall, Lee Spring, Holly Good, JT Vig, Darrell Vig and Charlie Wheeler, along with new board members Aaron Odegaard and Terry Koontz officially took the Oath of Office and were sworn in Monday evening.


Business Manager Brett Burditt, administered the Oath of Office to elected board members, from the left, Aaron Odegaard of Black Hawk, Terry Koontz of Sturgis and re-elected board member Charlie Wheeler of Piedmont.


The election of Board officers was also held with Joseph Urbaniak re-elected as Board President and Lee Spring, Vice President.




2021 22_A Odegaard T Koontz C Wheeler_oath of office_2.jpg 2021 22_A Odegaard T Koontz C Wheeler_2.jpg