Strategic Plan

"Meade School District will work in conjunction with its community to provide excellent academics and co-curricular activities that develop life-long learners and productive citizens."


"To build knowledge and skills for success today and tomorrow."


Priorities and Goals:

1. Academic Preparation

Goal: The District will provide students with a climate that promotes a rigorous academic curriculum and activity programs that prepare each student to be academic and workplace ready.


Metrics:  The District will set achievement indicators (SBAC, ACT, District tests) and monitor annual progress; monitor participation rates in activities; and conduct student surveys.


Action Steps:

  1. Curriculum will be reviewed annually to assure alignment with the South Dakota content standards and that student educational needs are being met.
  2. Communicate to parents the offerings that are available, especially Advance Placement, Dual Credit, Exploratory, and Career & Technical Education, through parent/teacher conferences, open houses and the District website.  Encourage all high school students to take at least one credit from these offerings.
  3. Provide problem based learning activities at all grade levels and in all content areas.


2. Professional Development

Goal: The District will develop a comprehensive Professional Development Plan for faculty/staff.

Metrics:  Faculty/staff surveys will be used to determine the progress of the Professional Development Plan.


Action Steps:

  1. The District will create an annual professional development plan utilizing input from faculty and staff members utilizing staff surveys, Instructional Council, Teacher Advisory Council, and Preparing All Students for Success Teams.
  2. The District will create opportunities for teachers to experience vertical collaboration through content area meetings and horizontal collaboration through grade level meetings.

3. Human Resources

Goal: The District will promote a safe and positive work environment.


Metrics:  The success of this goal will be monitored through input and feedback from District faculty/staff.


Action Steps:

  1. The District will promote collaboration among classroom teachers.
  2. The District will follow guidelines to keep class sizes at appropriate levels.
  3. The District will provide a competitive compensation and benefit package for employees within constraints of the budget.

4. Facilities and Technology

Goal: The District will develop and implement a comprehensive Facility Master Plan that will guide all infrastructure and technology decisions.


Metrics:  Capital outlay resources to support the plan will be monitored.  Administrators will provide feedback on progress of the plan with school board approval for any changes.


Action Steps:

  1. The District will develop a Facility Master Plan and communicate the components of the plan to internal and external audiences.  The District will take input from all stakeholders.
  2. The district will include building site plans as a part of the District's Facility Master Plan.
  3. The District will include technology improvements and related professional development training opportunities.

Meade School District Strategic Plan